Trinic TEC 10 blended with Trinic white silica fume



  • Trinic multi-component powdered admixture pre-blended with Trinic white silica fume simplifies the production of GFRC, RPC, and ECC; no more mixing and matching several different admixtures at different dosage rates to produce high performance GFRC, RPC, and ECC

  • Very easy to dose, less chance for human error

  • Eliminates the overnight shipping costs, foaming, and moldy product problems associated with liquids

  • Contains a high-quality UV stable micro polymer specifically designed for GFRC production, eliminates the need for a 7-day wet cure (proven through independent testing)

  • Anti-foaming agents eliminate pinholes

  • Improve color dispersion, intensity, and stability resulting in better color “pop”

  • Contains specialized additives for water reduction

  • Helps eliminate surface crazing, bowing, and curling

  • Closes the internal capillaries within the GFRC matrix leading to a denser, more acid and stain resistant concrete

  • Mixes faster than traditional GFRC, less cement clumps, more homogeneous mixes even with less than ideal mixers