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CAR-VZ is a pre-blended powdered admixture that increases the performance of vertical carving applications.



• Excellent adhesion for vertical and overhead applications

• Optimum carving properties

• Proprietary system reduces cracking and will not affect the carving experience

• Simple one dose powdered admixture

• Enhanced freeze/thaw protection

• Reduces efflorescence

• Boosts compression and flexural strengths



Car-VZ is designed to provide excellent performance at 12% of the cement weight. Optimum performance when dosed at 17% of cement weight.

When making your mix from scratch we suggest the following example as a good starting point:


• 25kg of type I Portlandcement

• 3kg of Car-VZ

• 2 (25 Litre) pails of coarse sand (3mm or 6 mesh minus)/ Fine sand can be substituted for a portion of course sand.


Water is added slowly during mixing to meet your desired consistency.


Make some trials and adjust as preferred When adding Car-VZ to a pre-blended mortar mix figure that the blend is roughly 33% cement.


• Water is added slowly during mixing to meet your desired consistency.

• To further customize / personalize your desired mix you can add additional fiber / clay or any material of your choice.



• Can be applied in various thicknesses, minimum thickness: 25 mm. Percentage factor of shrinkage cracks increase as thickness has been decreased.

• In the event of “overhead” installation, fireclay can be added to increase “stickiness” for this application. Quantity to vary on a site to site basis. Installer should conduct test samples prior to installation as sand size and gradients impact the “hanging” effect. Smaller sand grits tend to hang less compared to a standard construction sand. The larger sand outputs less definition in the final carving stage. User definable.

• Sand size will affect the overall performance of Car-VZ, which is highly desirable, as it can render a multitude of textures:


– Wood Grain: Fine sand size is preferred for simulated wood grain as “high texture definition” is required.

– Rock: This can vary as rock texture varies from one type to the next. The methodology is the finer the sand size the smoother the rock finish will be. Coarser sands generate a more pronounced texture.


• Hand applied install: saturate scratch coat with a water polymer mix

• When applying, make proper measures not to entrap air between scratch coatsurface and Car-VZ.

• Water demand for mixing: This will vary as sand holds water which will affect the overall demand. Environmental conditions need to be taken into consideration when placing Car-VZ.



9kgs of Car-VZ admixture will produce about 0.1CM of mixed material.

This translates to a coverage rate of about 7.5 – 10.5 sqm. at 50-75 mm thick.



16.32 kg bags


Car-VZ Technical Data Sheet

Car-VZ Safety Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 40 cm


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