Trinic COLORZ Mini Kit


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The COLORZ mini kit includes the following 8 colors:


  • Absolute White
  • Amazon Green
  • Canyon Brown
  • Earth Brown
  • Paleo Black
  • Primitive Red
  • Simpsonite Yellow
  • Tamarack Brown


A pre-blended formulation of brilliant UV-resistant earth derived pigments used to topically color masonry / cementitious surfaces. This universally designed stain can be used for glazes, washes and opaque applications when desired.



• High pigmentation loading allows coverage up to 186 sqm per 4.54Litres

• Specifically designed as a high chroma, low viscosity

• Universal application – transparent washes to solid coverage

• Faux finishing technique capabilities

• Watercolor-like special effects

• Unrivaled authentic earth tone pigments

• High flow

• UV stable

• Great penetration into masonry surfaces

• Natural finish

• Non-yellowing

• Simplistic palette for easy mixing shades and tints, creating a multitude of secondary colors



• Drill mix thoroughly prior to application

• Can be diluted or used at full strength

• Always perform test on substrate first

• For best results; substrate should be porous to allow stain to penetrate

• Can be applied with pump up sprayers, spray bottles, HVLP, brush, sponge, or airbrush

• Color sequencing – for best results start with lightest tones first and apply darker tones last

• When coloring horizontal surfaces avoid puddling

• Avoid excessive coats, which can build film



Store in sealed container.

Shelf life is approximately one year in an unopened container.

Use a gas blanket to extend shelf life such as PolyPurge.



  • Paleo Black
  • Absolute White
  • Canyon Brown
  • Simpsonite Yellow
  • Earth Brown
  • Primitive Red
  • Amazon Green
  • Tamarack Brown

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