Trinic Silica Fume


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Bright white amorphous silica fume with low impurity level.



• The most important property is the permeability, which lowers the ingress of movement of water or chemicals, and lowers the adverse reactions such as sulfate attack. The reaction between silica fume and the calcium hydroxide, released as the cement hydrates, provides

a dense impermeable pore structure.


• The Silica fume reacts with the cement paste to form additional strong calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) providing higher strength.

• Silica fume reduces bleeding and enhances the cement paste bond to the aggregates. The pozzolanic effect (reaction with Ca(OH)2) improves strength.

• Complies with ASTM C1240



Replace 5% – 15% of your Portland Cement



25 kg bags


White Silica Fume Technical Data Sheet

White Silica Fume Safety Data Sheet

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Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 60 × 24 × 32 cm


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