Trinic Stampshield (4.54ltr)


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Specifically designed for use on stamped concrete, GFRC, GRG, concrete countertops, pavers and natural stone to provide stain protection by penetrating and chemically reacting with the natural materials found in concrete and stone.






  • Permanent part of the surface
  • Will not chip or peel
  • Breathable / will not white out from trapped moisture
  • UV resistant / won’t yellow with exposure to sunlight
  • Resistant to all common staining agents
  • Easy application
  • Color enhancing / natural finish
  • Thin build, high performance



Surface must be clean, free of dust, dirt, mildew, oil, grease, paint, sealers, curing agents, waxes, and surface contamination. An extremely dense surface is required for proper performance.



Thoroughly mix the full contents of the pail, including the matting agent at the bottom before using. Matte Stampshield appears reddish in the pail.



Professional use only. Stampshield can be brushed or rolled, but for best results and to avoid over application, it is recommended to be sprayed on using a high quality pump up sprayer with Viton seals and a fine to medium tip.


It is important to not over apply Stampshield so that it remains breathable; the best way to ensure correct application is to apply two thin coats. First coat should color enhance most of the surface but leave no shine. The second coat will even out the surface to a uniform color enhanced look with no to a very slight sheen.



Do not apply Stampshield in temperatures under 4°C or above 35°C

Waterproof in 10 minutes

Walkable in 30 minutes

Traffic within two hours



Blush: 4 hr dry / 24 hr immersion does not blush

Adhesion: D-33598 Excellent

Water beading: beads water

QUV G-53 250 hrs: no blistering, no yellowing

Abrasion resistance: D-460 20 mg loss

Chemical resistance (12 hour covered) D-1308-87: Transmission fluid: no effect

Gasoline: softens, recovers

Formula 409: no effect

Motor oil: no effect

Brake fluid: softens, recovers

10% hydrochloric acid: no effect

10% sulfuric acid: no effect

Red wine: no effect

Vinegar: blemish, repairable

Pencil hardness: D-3363 6H

Hot tire pick-up: passed

Mechanical stability: excellent

Light stability: excellent UV exposure shows no degradation

Meets ADA coefficient of friction standards (ASTM F1677) 0.55-0.69 for standard and 0.70-0.82 (ASTM-C779) for anti-skid version



Application rates vary from 37 sq mtrs / 4.54ltrs on reseals and power troweled concrete to 14 sq mtrs / 4.54ltrs on porous concrete.



Shelf Life: 1 year

Storage: Store away from open flames and below temperatures of 38°C


Volume: 4.54 Ltrs

Finish: Matte

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 20 cm


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